Split, 29th Sept - 2nd Oct 2022

21st EUSUHM Congress

School and Adolescent Health Priorities - Rethinking, Redefining, Responding.

EUSUHM gladly announces the 21st EUSUHM congress alongside with The Croatian Society of School and University Medicine. 

The congress is patronaged by Zoran Milanović, the President of Croatia.

The congress will be held in-person. 
The following film highlights the touristic and scientific aspects of the conference.

The following topics will be tackled:

  • Growth and development of healthy children and youth.
  • Children and youth with health problems and disabilities in the school system.
  • Special measures and programs in preserving and promoting health of school children and youth.

The mentioned topics will be connected to the Corona pandemic, and analyze the effect on school childrens and students health as well as on school health services.

For further information on the program and registration, visit the following page.

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