Why Should You Become a Member of EUSUHM?

EUSUHM’s primary goal is to develop a network of health professionals in order to strengthen Europe’s youth health services. 

Who Are We?

EUSUHM is a European organisation engaged in the health and wellbeing of the European youth and consisting of several national organisations and institutions.

What Do We Want to Achieve?

Each child and adolescent deserve to grow up in a healthy, stable, and safe environment. Our mission is to improve opportunities for European children and adolescents to become physically and mentally strong adults.

What Are Our Values?

We bring together child and youth healthcare professionals from all over Europe with the aim of stimulating interaction and encouraging collaboration. As a leading-edge organisation, EUSUHM is committed to building bridges between knowledge and experience as well as scientific and practice-based research.

EUSUHM’s European network encourages health professionals to holistically focus on individuals, targeted groups, and communities. The purpose of this focus is to create opportunities to implement established programs which are adapted to local needs.

Benefits of Membership

Networking: You become part of a highly interconnected European network of child and youth healthcare professionals with a strong focus on prevention.

»Showcasing«: EUSUHM fosters connections of healthcare professionals in their fields (community, (pre)school, university) by performing presentations of their work in diverse formats.

Collaboration: EUSUHM enhances collaboration among members by offering web-based scientific meetings (see scientific forum on our website) and congresses every two years. Connect researchers and practitioners is a key principle of the organisation.

Members Only: You are updated with school and student related health news.

Professional Development: You can benefit from cutting-edge scientific developments as well as practical experiences attending EUSUHM’s assemblies, for example, our digital scientific forum or congresses.

Become a Member

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