Relevant Scientific Research

School Nurses (SN) at Public Schools in Brandenburg/Germany

An Effective Resource for School Children’s Health. Analysis of Activities and Networking.
Böhmann J, Ellsäßer G (ed.). Delmenhorster Institut für Gesundheitsförderung (DIG), Delmenhorst 2021

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UN Research Roadmap for the COVID-19 Recovery

Leveraging the Power of Science
for a More Equitable, Resilient and Sustainable Future, November 2020

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Psychosocial Support for Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing (ME-WE) Among Adolescent Young Carers in Europe

The ME-WE Project partners are planning psychosocial interventions aimed to mitigate the risk factor of being an adolescent young carer, by empowering the young with improved resilience and enhanced social support.

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Mission Statement of a Modern Public Health Child and Youth Service (PHCYS) in Germany

Statement of the PHCYS Expert Committee of the German Federal Association of the Public Health Service (PHS), 2020

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Models of Child Health Appraised (MOCHA) Project

A Study of Primary Healthcare in 30 European countries – Final report on the description of the various models of school health services and adolescent health services, including quality assessments and costs, July 2018

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Medical Care for School Children

Ein gut angenommenes niederschwelliges Angebot des schulischen Supportsystems, Praxisstudie am WIKU BRG Sandgasse, November 2017

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WHO Infographics to promote the Global Standards for Quality Health Care Services for Adolescents

WHO has developed 4 infographics to promote through social media and other channels the Global Standards for quality health care services for adolescents.

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Reported Sick from School: A Study into Addressing Medical Absenteeism Among Students

Vanneste–van Zandvoort, Universitaire Pers Maastricht, 2015

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European Framework for Quality Standards in School Health Services and Competences for School Health Professionals

The document has been elaborated in collaboration between EUSUHM and WHO, 2014

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Comparison of Youth Health Care in the EUSUHM Countries

Bachelor assignment by Rosemarie Wieske in Health Sciences at the University of Twente, 2009

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Prevention of Overweight and Obesity in Childhood: A Guideline for School Health Care

This guideline from 2007 is the final report of a collaboration between member organizations from Belgium (Flanders), Croatia and Slovenia.

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