22nd EUSUHM Congress
Potsdam 2024

           Sustainable Health in Children and Students - Reduce the GAP!

Oberlinschule in Babelsberg (© Oberlinschule/Christoph Freytag)

The European Union for School and University Health and Medicine (EUSUHM) invites you to the 22nd congress on “Sustainable Health in Children and Students - Reduce the GAP!” in Potsdam, Germany.  

Health services for educational settings play a vital role in fostering the overall well-being of students and supporting their academic success by focusing on monitoring health, promoting mental well-being, and addressing specific health challenges. The conference focuses on the disparities in health and healthcare access among European children and adolescents, taking into account the multiple impacts of the pandemic. It will explore numerous health-related initiatives and programs carried out in learning environments, primarily focusing on educational institutions.

The program highlights the following topics:

  • Health monitoring and health promotion - data for action.
  • Early childhood interventions - community networking.
  • Mental health and well-being.
  • Special education and health care for children with chronic conditions.
  • Inclusion of children with chronic health conditions in schools: collaboration of the health and education sector
  • Health promotion efforts at universities.
  • Qualification of school doctors and school nurses.
  • Improving Public Health Action in educational settings by enhancing networking.

Objectives of the conference: 
Exchange of evidence, experiences, and best practices

The 22nd EUSUHM conference will take place in the Oberlin-Schule Potsdam, which is a dedicated educational and living space for children and adolescents with diverse disabilities. Potsdam is home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Sanssouci Palace, a symbol of the Age of Enlightenment, and the Cecilienhof, where the post-World War II Europe was restructured.

The EUSUHM conference and scientific program is set up in close cooperation with The German Federal Association of Doctors in the Public Health Service (BVÖGD), The German Association of Public Health (DGÖG) and The Swiss Association of Specialists in School Health Services (SCOLARMED).

Looking forward to seeing you at the conference.

To register, please follow this link.


Gabriele Ellsaesser          Susanne Stronski & Tina Huber-Gieseke            Kristina Böhm
EUSUHM, president           SCOLARMED, co-presidents                          BVÖGD, chair

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