School Health Care in Hungary

Dr. Med. Zsófia Adrienne Nagy, board member and regional chair of the József Fodor Society of School Healthcare, and practicing schooldoctor in Budapest talks about her work and School Health Care in Hungary.

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School Health Care in Sweden

Pernilla Gudmundsson, President of the Swedish Association of School Health Care, specialized in School Health Medicine and General Medicine.

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School Medicine in Croatia

Dr. med Marija Posavec, President of the Croatia Society for School and University Medicine, gives a deeper insight in the School Medicine Service in Croatia.

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Finnish School and Student Health Care

Dr. med. Anu Mahönen, Vice president of the Finnish Association of School and Student Health (SKOOPPI), talks about her daily work and how the Finnish public health care system for school children and students is structured. Furthermore, she gives us a broader picture of the COVID pandemic impact on school children’s health.

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Youth Health Care Service in the Netherlands
Medical Perspective

Dr. Astrid Nielen, Chair of the Dutch Association of Youth Public Health Physicians, gives a deeper insight in the Dutch Youth Health Care Service.

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Youth Health Care in the Netherlands
Nurse Perspective

To promote, protect and secure health as well as to monitor a healthy development of all children aged 0 – 19 years, individually as well as on a population level (Public Health Law, 2010)

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School Health Service in Switzerland

Dr. Tina Huber-Gieseke, Vice President of EUSUHM, presents EUSUHM’s member organisation SCOLARMED, Swiss association of school health.

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